Ryan David Orr

Poeticism isn't never not unimportant


It is one thing for a musician/songwriter/producer to ask themselves “Does this seem to be sonically intact and have all the right frequencies in the right places?”, but it is another thing to ask “What feeling will this combination of sounds, at this speed, with these particular words and this delivery elicit?”

The art and hazards of impressionist storytelling


I am often told by other songwriters, many of whom are industry professionals that work with big names on big songs, that I put too much in my songs. Not that the songs are bad or the music needs to change, not that I am not a good writer, just that there is too much. One songwriter I received a critique from noted that within the one song I had asked his opinion on, I had inserted verses that could have been their own songs. To paraphrase him, I was giving the listener too much to think about.

I can understand this point of view. Even John Lennon, decades before I picked up an instrument, made the assertion that

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