Ryan David Orr

Candlelight Butterflies

Ryan David Orr
Ryan David Orr


Upon your deciding you would fly,
the fates stood invisible.
You offered yourself to pay the price
and were satisfied.

Is it better if you don't unravel;
if the edges never fray?
A fighting last impression on the way down.
We make up our excuses for the sake of better days,
Giggling and weeping on the way down.
Never you surrender, and the lady find her way,
leaving every light on on the way down.

Sipping in the bitterness of time,
and hailing the moon from all her rest.
Your dancing was magic on their eyes,
candlelight butterflies.

If you shiver at the sunset on the last day of your life,
I promise I will be there to embrace you.
Who are we to judge this? Who are we to mind?
Shedding our discomfort as we break through.
Sister contemplation, rid me of what blinds;
Brother compassion, let me see you.

I want to leave here a better man
with both of my eyes wide open.
And with the chains all broken.
Into an endless ocean.
Where there is only love,
there is only love,
there is only light...