Ryan David Orr

If You Want Love

Ryan David Orr
Ryan David Orr



You can give up on shouting if you want to.

Nobody asked you anything.

You can give up on doubting if it won’t prove

It’s a matter of trust and listening.

It’s not in the waiting that you get stuck,

You’re caught in a fear of moving on.

You can blame all your loss on luck,

Or a lack thereof



But if you want love, hey, get up from your wasted spaces.

Don’t say you ain’t got to believe in something.



The king of confusion sits in his room

Telling the walls to let him out.

He doesn’t remember how to get through

The terrible truth of laying down.

Out in the world those dreamers will climb,

To cradle the sun; to let it gleam.

And up in the tower, angered and numb,

He won’t hear the cries.


Repeat CH



It’s so loaded and null; this claim you’re offering.

Won’t you open the door. Let the sunlight in.