Ryan David Orr

Miss Lorie


Hey, Miss Lorie, have they thought of everything?

I've never been one for lingering

Upon the weaknesses of human hearts.

Pull the chair up just beside the bed,

And I'll stay here tonight instead of

Disappearing from what you infer.

I get that from her.

I paced all around the waiting room

Asking Carly what to do

About the future and its greedy hands.

I wake up at every single sound,

Touch her head and cry and shout

And nothing changes but the way we were.

I get that from her.

I am helpless here inside, beneath these stale hallway lights.

I cannot rest at all tonight and I'm so tired of this place.

Were I a stronger son I might keep away the pain and fright,

But their shapes elude my sight and appear upon her face.

Here's a bag with what we took from home,

Coffee cups and prednisone

Magazines in case she's all alone.

Everything outside has disappeared.

Family and friends are here.

When I leave it will be on my own.

No one could have known.

I am waiting by the door; I'm not sure what I'm waiting for.

I've never quite been here before. I always asked her about these things.

And with this ending comes the day the tender footprints wash away,

And on the shoreline of the bay she rides and sings.