Ryan David Orr

Sleepy Bougainvillea


Did you want to ask me something?

Did you want to say your part?

Did you have some realization?

Is it too long far apart?

This is only sounding good 'cause I've been drinking; this is only new 'cause I've been lost. This is only real 'cause I've been thinking, seeking joy whatever my joy may cost.

Lady on this alter, where is your room?

Are there those who might oblige your glorious gloom?

I don't want to tell you that I can't take this; I don't want to see you turn away. I don't want to feel alone and foolish wondering what I could do to make you stay.

Near a sleepy bougainvillea, wrapped in linen and silk,

She is disappearing endlessly and calling me still.

Left between your heart and something secret; choosing when to hear you laughing at me; I resolve to never ever need this. The truth is, I must walk away and let this be.

(I don't need this more than I can struggle to be free of wanting you)