Ryan David Orr

kopascetic (12"vinyl)

RDO's 2016 release, kopascetic, on 12" vinyl. Comes with MP3 download of full album. Contains "Traffic Lights", "Mississippi", "Recognize You" and more...

kopascetic (CD)

RDO's 2016 release, kopascetic, with a focus on enagaging lyricism, beautiful musical arrangements, and colorful delivery. A great indie folk/rock album.

"More Than Strangers"

This adventure in auditory delight is a mixture of thought provoking, insightful lyrics, and a colorful palette of musical textures. More Than Strangers is a definite must-have for fans of indie folk and alternative music.

Vermilion - 2008 release

A collection of indie-folk songs. Fan favorites include "Perfectly Fine" and "Snow Globe Ballerina". Available in MP3 format